Art 2016-2017 Ian Nibbelink

Beggining art was a fun experience for me, it opened my eyes to the different kinds of art. I suprised myself when finishing drawings that were actually quite decent. Anyone who takes this class will learn to draw better at the end than before they took it.

These drawings were one of the first drawings that I did, contour drawing (left) and 2 upside down drawings (right.) This helped me in the technique of "drawing what you see," not what you know.

This was my "Positive/Negative" drawing. Basically what it is is one image; a detailed drawing on one side and a minimalist drawing on the other.

This was my preliminary and final hand drawing. As you can see I learned how to shade the negative spaces and highlight the positive spaces.
This is the stippling drawing, it is very meticulous to only draw a dot at a time, but as you can see it produced a quality result.

Still life

This is the scratch board drawing, it took a long time to put in all the lines for the texture of the tiger, but in the end it was worth it.
This was the 2 point perspective drawing, I liked this drawing because it didn't have to make any sense.
These are my before and after self portrait, as you can see I learned to shade and blend better in the second one,
This was my oil pastel painting, for this project I had to use a lot of blending for the apple.

In conclusion, Beginning drawing really expanded my drawing ability, I think that anyone who takes this class will suprise themselves with how well they will do.

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