Christopher And then the next train came I wasn't so scared any more because the sign said TRAIN APPROACHING so I knew it was going to happen-Christopher

_About me_

Hi my name is Christopher John Francis Boone and I am a very logical thinker. Im not very good at grasping other peoples emotions very well like when father was mad I only could tell unless he was screaming at me.I am 15 years and 3 months and 2 days,and I like to consider my self as a mathematician.I feel threatened when people touch me.I have a pet rat named Toby he doesn't mind being in different peoples company because he is a rat.

My latest blog

Yesterday I was looking for my book that father took,it was under his bed but that wasn't the only thing I found from under the bed.There was letters from my mother lots of them.Father walked in while I was reading them.He then told me how and why he killed wellington.I was in too much shock to do anything.I then decided that I can't live at this house anymore.If he killed wellington he might kill me too.So i'm going to Mrs.Shears house to ask her if she can look after Toby for me.Then tell how father killed wellington. I'm spending the night behind the tool shed and deciding my options. iv'e decided to go to London with mother. That's all for now see you tommorow.

things i'm good at

:I know all countries and there capitals :I can name prime numbers up to 7,057

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