Time Vacations {Kolby Coburn & Gage Layman}

The Jurassic Period

The Jurassic Period lasted approximately 69 million years. The Jurassic Period is one of the parts of the Mesozoic Era.

The Mesozoic Era

The Jurassic period occurred in the Mesozoic Era. This was the beginning time for flying dinosaurs which eventually will be known as birds today.

The Beginning of Change

The Jurassic Period started with a major extinction of many species. Pangaea was in the process of being broken apart as oceans formed and mountains rose. Australia, Madagascar, India, and Antarctica were split from one mass.


The climate during this period was very hot, humid, and tropical. It was very sustainable for life. A traveler should pack lots of water and sunscreen.

Age Of The Reptiles

  • There was many large and dangerous creatures such as:
  • Stegosaurus-plated herbivore
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex-The most well known predatory dinosaur
  • Pterosaurs-flying reptile
  • Brachiosaurus-long necked herbivore


  • Ferns-have roots and also vascular tissue.
  • Gymnosperms-plants that bore cones like conifers
  • Bryophytes-a swampy moss-like plant


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