Me , Myself & I mavis st germain foo

Hello 💙 my name is Mavis St Germain Foo & im 15 this year ✨

This is my bestfriend , Tan Jiaying ❤️ we've been together since primary 6 😚 she's the one who stayed with me thru my ups and downs & always listening to my rants ✅! i!

i always look forward to the end of year or june because my family and i always travel during the holidays !! ✈️ trying new food & seeing new things i never see before in singapore 🇸🇬

i am half indonesian & singapore chinese 🇸🇬 🇮🇩

i have a dog name Elfie & i loveee playing with her everyday and taking cute pictures of her 😍

my favourite thing to do when im bored is to watch videos on youtube & sleep 😂


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