Pennsylvania Founded 1787 silas cooke

This is the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn. He was issued a land grant by King Charles II due to a significant debt owed to his father. He named it Pennsylvania which means, "Penn's woods."

Pennsylvania had a complete freedom of religion for everyone who believed in God. They had English, Welsh, German, and Dutch people that lived here and followed this rule.this was a great example of how America became known as the melting pot.

Pennsylvania is covered by 50% Forest. Many small rivers flow through it. They even have some of the Appalachian Mountains that run right down the center of Pennsylvania. They have very long, hot Summers and cold, snowy Winters.

Craftsmen were very important in Pennsylvania. The one in the picture is called a Blacksmith, who makes tools and objects out of metal. Naturally, there were also miners to mine iron for the blacksmiths. They even had paper printing jobs for newspapers.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A general map of the middle British colonies, in America, containing Virginia, Maryland, the Delaware counties, Pennsylvania and New Jersey : with the addition of New York, and the greatest part of New England, as also of the bordering parts ..." • ConspiracyofHappiness - "Statue of William Penn" • ValerijaB - "rome angel church" • P_Linehan - "P1020447" • ptdh - "forge craft hot"

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