The Divine Experience By Christian Collazo

The spatial experience at the Constants Theater added much to my enjoyment of The Divine. Walking through the front doors and into the buzz of everyone walking into the Theater was quite the experience. Once I was able to sit down in the Theater, it was quite loud due to all the other attendees . Once the lights dimmed and the play began my seat towards the back of the theater led me to focus more as it was slightly harder to see what going on. The place I began the Divine's story in (my seat towards the back) contributed to my experience experience of the play similar to the way the place you begin your life in can impact your search for the good life.
I attended the Divine with my friend Ian. To get ready for the performance Ian and I ate and then drove to the Reitz. Attending the performance with Ian made the play much more enjoyable as I was able to discuss the play with Ian after. Given that much of the way we interact with the world is with and through others, shared experiences are inherent in any search for the good life.
One of the main topics discussed in the Divine is child abuse within the Church in the early 1900's. I knew absolutely nothing about the play before seeing it. The performance did not change my views about the topics discussed. Pedophilia and abuse of anybody should always be reported and punished. The subject matter has nothing to do with my own life given that the play was about abuse within the church and coming forward with the truth about that abuse.
I went to an all boys catholic school so abuse within the church was always an uncomfortable subject. The Divine allowed me a chance for Katharsis as it allowed open discussion of the topic as well as a real view at what type of impact abuse within the church has.


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