What Goes Up Doesn't always come down

(Their first attempt at making a flying twirler.... was a real hit; literally.)

Weird Science, Directed by John Hughes... or by Mrs. Spiegel?

Students have been working on science the way one reads a good book- all day long! They are learning to explore relationships between the size and weight of materials when building mobiles, marble ramps, cup ramps, spinners and twisters. By allowing students the freedom to manipulate all of the materials needed without too much explanation, they are being creative and figuring out for themselves what needs to be done. For Genius Hour, students learned to manage their time and work independently for the period. Some learned to plan more variations to experiments to ensure the time requirements, and others learned they needed to create a game plan for how to manage their time. The next Genius Hour will be next Wednesday.

Building relationships...
Bye, Bye, Bye.....NSYNC

Au revoir spelling tests... for now. Instead, classes across the grade are working on word sorts- a way to promote better spelling via learning spelling patterns and phonemic awareness. The kids have different spelling patterns to learn (ai, a_e, ay..... etc.) and have to organize their word lists, create a rule for the way they sort the words and work on a host of other activities- hans solo or in pair.

Learning about the Badlands in South Dakota with Ranger Edward.
Did you know that camels used to live in South Dakota? Thanks to Ranger Edward Walsh, we learned all about the great state from his read aloud, Badlands A-Z. Called the Badlands (Makosica= land bad) due to the tough terrain, students learned about Crazy Horse's Lakota group (Lakota=friend/ally) and how in 1862, families headed west to the Homestead land in order to start their lives. Some of the wild west is known for its Black Footed Ferret - currently serving time on the Endangered list; Prairie Dogs; and their quarries. Many fossils have been found (see above photos) and students learned about how animals adapt over time and change ever so slightly (or something else; it was a LONG book).
Valentine's Day boxes or bags were due TODAY (2/10/17). Please send those in Monday, February 13, so that the kids can leisurely pass their cards on V-day. The kids are looking forward to their party given by the Homeroom moms: Lori Nixon and Melissa Neilson. TIA for a great day!
Students completed their Reading Benchmarks and MY OH MY did they succeed!! The kids learned the Golden Rule in test taking: prove it. While each child could remember the answer without searching through the text, double checking and underlining the exact sentence(s) in the stories, teaches them accountability. Come the older grades.... kids will need to cite their work so..... (YIA)(you're welcome in advance)
Opinion papers are hanging in the halls... and might I just add how AMAZING they are. Kids knows the steps to writing a paper: hook, point, topic sentence, 3- reasons, 3 examples/personal anecdotes, and conclusion. How to tell the difference between an opinion paper and persuasive paper.... it must have the key words: in my opinion.


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