JOUR 95 (SP 17) Huan Xun Chan


Formal Portrait

Informal Portrait

Environmental Portrait

Facing the rainy season in the Bay Area, the worker of Stagnaro Bros at Santa Cruz is doing maintenance to prevent being damaged by the heavy rain and strong wind.

7 Must Compositions

1. Find a Clear Subject

2. Create a Sense of balance

3. Fill the Frame

4. Tell the Story

5. Harness the light

6. Evoke Interest

7. Break the Rules

Sport Action

Cody and Eugene are playing basketball in a sunny weekend.

Sport Feature

Paris Baird played her last game on senior night (March 3).

One in 8 Million (Midterm Project)

Honest Emotion


General News

Students march at the end of the event of Take Back The Night.

Game Changer (Final Project)

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Huan Xun Chan


Huan Xun Chan

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