Gryffindor wand project By Hunter bethell

My Wand With The Bark Carved Off

My First Entry of working I started by researching about Gryffindor then out by shaving the bark off my stick.

My second Entry I shaved the bark by using a knife.Then after the bark was shaved up to the handle i started to round the tip of the wand. I still need to carve in detailed Gryffindor pictures.

Entry three So I started on another wand and I now have two wands to the point where I can do detailed carving. Then i rounded the tip of my other wand and have not started it yet. (I finished the first wand in a day).


I decided to do the Harry Potter wand project. I chose this because Harry Potter is one of my favorite books. The house I'm doing my project on is Gryffindor. My wand is a Dragon Hearthstring core 11 inches long. The reason I chose Gryffindor is because Harry Potter was in that house.

Another reason I chose Gryffindor is I think Gryffindor suits me best. Plus I got sorted into Gryffindor on pottermore. The reason I got a Dragon Hearthstring is because I wanted something different than Harry Potter. Also out of the other wands the Hearthstring stood out to me. My wand looked amazing and I wanted to carve it.

I want to put the Gryffindor symbol on my wand. I did this because my wand is based on Gryffindor. Also I want to put the sword of Gryffindor on the wand if possible.The reason for the sword it is related to related to

Entry Four After shaving off my bark I started to sand down my stick.

Entry five: I ended up breaking another one of my sticks so i started on a new one and finished everything but staining.

since finishing my stick all i have to do is stain it and ad something gryffindor related.


Created with images by Karen Roe - "The Making of Harry Potter 29-05-2012"

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