There has never been anything like heme iron available before

Current oral iron is artificial

All regular iron supplements are synthetic or artificial. They feature chemically bonded iron.

All forms of iron, except heme iron, is where the iron is chelated or bound to for instance salts (as in vegetables), starch, citrates or other chemical compunds.

There are many problems of the current supplementations

Iron is absolutely vital and has to be supplemented for life to continue.

Oral iron therapy with non-heme iron will give problems with efficacy and tolerance over time.

The remaining alternatives, intravenous therapy and blood transfusion are costly, inconvenient and have risks.

Oral non-heme iron

  • Uptake is only 2 – 4 % of administered.
  • Non-heme iron has to disintegrate before uptake can happen.
  • Since uptake is low, toxic and reactive free iron ions remain in the gut.
  • This causes side-effects such as constipation, diarrhea and stomach cramps.
Intravenous iron is uncomfortable

Intravenous therapy, the remaining alternative

Expensive and inconvenient therapy.

There are potential risks with repeated iron injections over a longer perod of time: overdosing and increased oxidative stress.

Intravenous iron injections causes periods of exacerbation of oxidative stress in the circulation. This can even be fatal.

Iron is vital for life

A working therapy is urgent

The consequences of iron depletion is serious and universal, not only for youngsters.

Iron deficiency is a huge problem all over the world with not least economic consequences.

Many of the available therapies put the patient and therapy success at risk.

Therapies are too often abandoned, to the detriment of the sufferers.

Heme iron is safe and natural

Long-time usage of heme iron in Scandinavia

”I have a number of patients that have taken heme iron preparations for years. They have kept a satisfactory iron balance without the unfortunately all-too-common side effects that are often assocated with iron preparations”.

Dr. Lars Ehn, MD. Stockholm, Sweden

Heme iron is natural

Historically heme iron in meat courses has always been the main and most important dietary source of iron for humans.

Heme iron is efficiently absorbed as a whole structure. It is is taken up via a separate non-competitive mechanism and will disintegrate only within the intestinal cell before the iron is being transported to where it's needed.

A new type of therapy

Today oral iron therapy using heme iron is available, where all iron is in heme form.

Efficacy and tolerance are superior for heme iron supplementation.

Reasonable pricing and convenient dosage is central for a good therapy.


Opportunity for You

The OptiFer® series of heme iron supplements is unique.
Approved in the EU and by the U.S FDA
Best tolerance and efficacy among oral iron supplements.
Opportunity for Market Exclusivity to Distributors

Please contact info@meditec.se

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