Christianity By:Corah ,Quayla,Darius

Demographics : They're called christians about 5/6 million today. They live in the united state,brazil,mexico,Russia and the philippines least #of chrisitans are western sahara vatican city ,somalia ,mauritania & Bhutan
Historical Background : Christianity began with the ministry of jesus christ , which began when he was around 30 years old in the first century A.D the birthplace Of Christianity was levant , which is known in modern times as israel & palestine .
Where and How christians were founded : It was founded by jesus christ , and it was historical figures widely recognized as prophets are those mentioned as such in hebrew bible & the Canonical New Testament it is believed that prophets are called or chosen by God .
Christianity is currently the worlds largest religion with over 2 billion followers . Beginning with the son of a jewish , the religion was spread around the world by jesus disciplines .

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