SPANISH TOUR: RECAP Junior Miranda Burt looks back on the University of Chicago women's basketball team's 2018 Spain Tour.

By Miranda Burt

This trip was an amazing experience for myself and our team. It was such a cool experience to be able to explore a foreign country together.

Overall, I think our team most enjoyed the basketball game we got to play against the team from Valencia. It was so cool to be able to share the same game we both love while not speaking the same language.

In addition, we were able to meet with them for dinner the following night, and we still keep up with the girls on social media as our new friends.

We also really enjoyed our experience paddle boarding. It was so fun to try out a new sport together that none of us had any experience.

We have also loved being able to watch the World Cup in Spain, as the locals here get incredibly into the matches. In general, we loved being able to discover the ins and outs of Spain. Our team met so many interesting locals, tried new foods, and explored many streets.

We’ve come away with a heightened sense of Spanish culture and an even stronger team dynamic.

It has been great for our team to have so much fun together without also having school and other commitments.

We were able to become so much closer, and I think the bonds and memories that we’ve created will be invaluable going into next season.


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