Mobile App design process - Megan orr

Scribbles and notes of the issues and ideas and preparing to build it all up
Created user personas to help work out what features would be necessary for the app
Once I had a rough idea of the pages/buttons I asked some strangers to put them into categories
Choosing the best solution from the categories exercise to create a more structured site map
Made paper prototypes of the app to hand out to friends to see if they could navigate through the app easily
This was helpful as I has to make many changes to where buttons were placed
Created some basic wireframes to help as a guide for when creating my final mock ups
two different mood boards exploring colour schemes and imagery
2 Style Tiles to focus more on colour schemes, fonts and icons
Mock ups generated from style tile 2
Mock ups generated from style tile 1
Final screen laylouts ready to send to invision
Creating the prototype in Invision
Final prototype created
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Megan Orr

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