weaknesses of the Articles of Confederations Federal government By Andy Flood

In September 1783 the 13 British colonies had earned their freedom and were recognized as a new country and separated from Britain, but what was the country going to do to form a government where the people have the power and the federal government had little power so it could not rule the people like in the monarchy, Thus the Articles of Confederation were made. Before the constitution the United States had the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation made the states more powerful than the federal government to prevent having a lot of power in one person.
The first example of limited power in the federal government due to the articles of confederation is the money of the United States. They could not collect taxes but could take from a treasury filled by the states if the state's taxed their citizens and they could not regulate the value of money or trade between states. The federal government could not ascertain how much defense and welfare would cost or borrow money. The people wanted this because They had been unfairly taxed before and did not want it to happen again
The second example of limited power in the government was making decisions. Each state has one vote. Nine out of thirteen states had to agree the make a law, but all of the states had to agree to change an existing law. The federal government could not enter treaties or alliances. Each state had one vote because it ensured that even the smaller state would have a say in what happens in the country.
Finally the federal government had no power over the state's military because of the Articles of Confederation. Therefore the government could not establish militias, only the states could. Which means the states could wage war against each other. The government also could not make states go into war. The federal government could not grant letters of marqe in times of peace. These laws were to protect the people from the government so they could not be controlled by it.
It is clear that the colonists wanted the states had more power because after the revolution everyone wanted the farthest possible government from a monarchy. As we know there is a president now but in the article of confederation there was not one this happened to avoid putting too much power into one person like with the king of England.


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