The Harn Museum By Jordan Quintanilla

The Harn art museum allows visitors to view art works that use different techniques, and are from a wide variety of cultures. This museum wants viewers to enjoy the art and the happiness it can bring. I was a little bit skeptical about going into this museum because I thought the art works may not be that interesting to me. I was mistaken. This museum showed me the beauty of art works. The museum had relevant and informative pieces that all ages groups could enjoy.

When someone first looks at the piece above they will most likely associate this work with Nazi and every bad thing it has to offer. They will probably even question why it's in this museum. I did this when I first saw it. Then I read about it, and realized this was a symbol Buddhist people used for many years before it became known as the swastika. To Buddhist this symbol means peace and goodness. Seeing this and reading about it made me have better understanding for the work and appreciate it. I was able to find good in what I thought was only a bad symbol. The piece itself has an incredible design with so much detail. Seeing art in person really gives you a better understanding and awareness of the many different types of pieces.

When I first made my way through the museum I did not personally like the set up. It can sometimes be difficult to determine when one exhibit ends and another exhibit ends, but by the end of my self tour I finally got the hang of it. One of the most interesting exhibits was the Asain collection. This had works from all over asian from India to Korea and much more. There was a variation in all the art. I really enjoyed how much of this collection had gardens around it. I believe this helped bring in the natural light of the museum, and it made the pieces look stunning. The design of this exhibit was well thought out. The pieces all had their time to shine, and were displayed beautifully. The displays were very elegant and I think this went along with the Asian theme. This exhibit made me feel captivated by the techniques and artistry these artist had. Their is so much skill in these artworks and the museum presents this well.

Latin American artwork will always have a special place in my heart. My father is from Honduras. The museum may not have had any art from his home country, but their is something about Latin American art that just builds a community and celebrates the latin race. When I came into the museum I had no idea what to expect. I came across this picture of two indigenous men spreading their arms out showing their gratitude towards the Mixe God, Kioga, for a good crop season. This picture shows two men valuing their hard work and giving thanks to a higher power. This picture made me smile. I have grown up on a farm my entire life. I related to this picture and how important a good harvest can be. Working hard and giving thanks to god is something I was taught at a young age. It's very interesting seeing indigenous latin american communities do the same. This artist focused on indigenous people and their daily lives. I found this type of photography so impressive. Sebastiao Salagado was able to capture all the feelings in one picture.

When I think about the good life I think about the powerful life Frida Kahlo lived. In the photography collection of the museum there are many photographs of Kahlo showing the life she lived as an artist. Kahlo was a women who did not have an easy life what so ever, but that never stopped her from living a good life. She expressed herself through art. She wrote her story, and her struggles. She explored sexuality, family, and righteousness. She was a ground breaking artist of her time. Art meant so much to her. These photos and paintings would end up meaning so much to others. Art has the ability to make people feel special. It is a big part of our lives. Kahlo makes me realize that life is tough, but you can still live a good life. The photographs of her, and her artworks make me appreciate that lesson so much more.

The Harn Museum was so much more than I thought it could be. This museum informed me about all the different kinds of artworks. The self tour made me feel things that I did not think art could. It was so amazing to see all of these magnificent works. It really makes us realize how powerful art is. Art has the ability to make us feel so many different ways, and adds to our good life.

(All the pictures were taken on my IPhone 7 when I went to the Museum.)

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