SophieAuerswald “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” -Bill Cunningham

My Story

I spent the first two years of my college career dreadfully stuck between the pages of countless science books preparing to go to medical school. While it was subject matter that I completely understood, I soon began to realize it was not something I could happily do for the rest of my life. Something was missing, but I didn’t quite know at the time what that something was. So, I spent the spring semester of my junior year trying to figure out just that. After taking a few apparel and textile design courses, I immediately knew what that something was. For the longest time, I had assumed that because I was naturally good at science and analytics that I was meant to do that for the rest of my life. However, after these classes I realized how happy it made me to be creatively challenged on a daily basis. I then came to the conclusion that perfect career would allow me to continuously harness my analytic skills while also challenging me creatively. Thus, I began pursuing a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Retailing and Consumer Behavior, with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. I hope to use this knowledge to obtain a position in product development.

My Experiences

During my first two years as a pre-med student, I had the opportunity to hold a research assistant position with the University of Wisconsin- Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, where I collected, coded, entered, and analyzed self-reported quality of life data to determine the relationship between mental health factors and recovery following a bone marrow.

After I began studying retail and consumer behavior, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Hangzhou, China at Zhejiang International Studies University. The main component of the program was a Product Development and Strategies course taught by Professor Nancy Murray from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The course consisted of both in-class lecture and out-of-class field trips. Among the field trips we took, we had the opportunity to visit the offices of Macy's China Limited as well as Macy’s Merchandising group while in Hong Kong. During our visit with Macy’s Merchandising group, we met with Claudia Wong and discussed production flow and scheduling, quality assurance, and Macy’s manufacturing guidelines. We also had the opportunity to visit a variety of factories, including but not limited to, Artwell, Shinsun, and Honglui. During these visits, we met with factory executives, discussed manufacturing guidelines, and had the opportunity to see the production line first hand.

Following my trip to China, I had the opportunity to work with a local company as a buying intern, where I assisted the head buyer in coordinating and managing all buying activities, such as meeting with vendors, writing purchase orders, and analyzing and reacting to sales data.

With all of this experience and knowledge combined, I feel I would be a great asset to a retail company's merchandising or product development team.

Relevant Courses
  • Retail Financial Analysis
  • Consumer Behavior
  • The Global Consumer
  • Product Development & Strategies
  • Retailing Theory & Practice
  • Consumer Strategy and Evaluation
  • Retail Channel Strategy
  • Fabric and Apparel Structures I
  • Introduction to Textile Design
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurial Management


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