D-Day Utah Beach Peter thelander & zach reyes

Map of Utah Beach

The Battle of Utah Beach began at 6:30 A.M on June 6, 1944 and ended on June 26.

The main people involved in this battle where: Americans and Germans.

Facts about D-Day Utah Beach: It's on the Cotentin Peninsula, there are two sectors on Utah they are Uncle Red and Tare Green, 197 soldiers have been killed and 60 are missing. The landing on Utah Beach was the most successful. Utah Beach was about three miles wide.

The battle of D-Day Utah Beach was on land, sea, and air but mostly on land.

The objective at Utah Beach was to secure a beachhead on the cotentin peninsula, the location of important port facilities at Cherbourg.

This battle took place at the westernmost of the five landing beaches in France, Utah is on the Cotentin Peninsula, west of the mouths of the Douve and Vire rivers.

This battle was significant because it got rid of most of the German resistance.

The outcome of D-Day Utah beach was that Cherbourg was captured on June 26.


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