Polar Bear Earl By Corbin Wise

Earl, the polar bear, was tired of looking at nothing but snow and ice. There was snow as far as he could see. "I'm tired of this snow," Earl told his mother. "I'm going to go where I can see something different." "But your a polar bear," said his mother. It didn't matter to Earl. He packed up his things and started his journey to the place that had no snow, nor ice to be seen for miles on end.

All Earl could see for miles

Earl's mother tried to convince him not to leave but Earl has already decided his fate. He said fare well to his mom and went only a about a mile before getting lost. Earl looked back, " Oh no!" He said, " Now even if I wanted to go home the snow covered up my tracks! Earl didn't know what to do so he keep going south from his home. After about a full four hours, Earl got hungry. He through of his ice block pack that rested on his back to look for the fish and fruit that he had pack to eat.

This is Earls Ice block pack with his fruit and fish in it

After Earls lunch, he started to keep walking. "That was delicious," Earl said. Earl soon found a graystone cave. "A polar bear?, that's a new one!" A voice aroused from the cave. "Who's there?" Earl asked in a rush. "I am the one who lives in this cave of course!" The voice said as a white arctic fox had amerged from the cave. "Hello there, my name is Blake, and I've never seen a polar bear heading this way torwards the forest." Earl was shocked, " Hi I'm Earl, did you say toward the Forrest?" "Yes I did, if you walk 5 more miles the snow will start to disappear and you'll see more green, then you see a big lake that on the other side is the pine wood forest!" Shouted the fox with a howl. It was getting late almost sun down. " Thanks for the information... Blake, do you mind if I stay till dawn?" Asked Earl. Blake heisted, "I-I guess you can stay for a night, but in the morning you must go." The fox finally said. Earl jumped with please "Thank you so very much Mr. Blake!" Earl said happily.

This is Blake the arctic fox at his cave

After Earl said his thanks and farewells to Blake he set off for 5 more miles. Earl started to miss his mom now. "Woah... that's the lake!? It's huge!" Earl exclaimed.

The lake that lets the arctic meet the pine wood forest

Earl was half way across the lake when he was stopped by a booming voice, "Who is crossing onto my side of the pond?!" a big bad brown grizzly bear roared. Earl was shocked to see such a beast, he also felt some fear, but he was determined to at least touch the new land that he search for, for so long. " H- Hi my name is-"earl was cut off, " I don't care about your name kid!" The grizzly said loudly. Earl was shocked. " Um Sir-" Earl was cut of again, " The names Grillz" he said with a puffed out chest. " oh uh.... Grillz may I please at least touch the land i see before me?" Earl asked nicely." What do i get out of it?" Grillz asked with a smirk. All Earl had was some left over frozen apples. " All I have left is some left over frozen apples" Earl said. " Hmm, I always wanted a frozen apple from the artic as a small cub, its a deal kid!" Grillz said. So Earl gave him the apples and explored the forest for a bit. Earl found many animals but no polar bears. he took a leaf from the ground and started to walk away from the forest passing the Grizzly who was still eating.

Theses are the animals that were in the forest- Fox

Earl found Blake on the way home and he gave him directions to home... Earl walked home and found his mom weeping and saying "I hope you come home soon Earl."

Earl's mom waiting for earl

Earl came up behind his mom and hugged her, and said "you were right mom I do belong here with you!" " OH EARL I'M SO GLAD YOUR OK!!" Earls mom said eagerly! " And so Earl and his mom had a very happy Christmas.

The Northern lights on Christmas night... and that concludes our Polar bear Christmas story... merry Christmas to all, and all a good night!


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