Paris Refugees A Shared View

It Is amazing how inter-connected the world's cultures are. In Paris, in the window of an art gallery, we found early twentieth century photos of Chinese faces, as part of an exhibit of oriental art. How did they get here? Were they refugees from hunger, war, or lack of opportunity?

Are we all refugees, trying to convert space to place? It seems refugees do not talk about time so much as space. Spatial conceptions and values transcend the arbitrariness of culture ( Tuan, 1979).

Wanderers in Time?

The question of space: Where?

Refugee from despair?

Refugee from lonliness?

Refugees from evil.

Refugees from persecution.

Refugees from impersonal society?

Refugees from life?

Refugees from anger and pain.

Refugees from our demons and ego.


Bob Brewer Photography

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