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Week 1

(Left to right) Unique expression, Natural Lighting, Self portrait

Week 2

The three pictures that I have that tell a story. The story I wanted to tell with these photos was how I grew up in my community through baseball. Baseball has been a big part of my life since the beginning ( as you can see in the first photo on the left). My mom and her siblings played baseball when they were my age and it was passed down through my family and all the boys joined a team. I have always played for Evanston in the EBSA (Evanston Baseball and Softball Association) and I plan on playing through high school and college. Hopefully I make it to the majors if not then I will go on with my other goals. (Fun fact the company my mom worked for sponsored my team in the middle photo)

Week 3

The photo I have that expresses an emotion. I get a variety of emotions when I see this image, but I guess one that I do get is peace because when I took this photo I only heard sirens in the distance of the somewhat quiet city and it gave me a peaceful feeling.

Week 4

This is one of the last photos of my guinea pig that passed a couple months ago and I still remember that day since it hurt but I'm better now. About an hour before hand my mom broke the news to me and I was completely lost it at the veterinarian's office because he was my best and closest friend. After they put him down and gave us a box (with him inside of it and his paw prints) I put the box in my moms car and went to a restaurant next door. I ordered something I usually ate but came nowhere near finishing it. I went home that night and sat in my room for a while and walked over to my mom's room where I cried some more and I was laying with my mom and my dog came next to me since he could tell I was upset. I am still sad about it but I still give myself motivation to finish these projects.

Week 5

I wanted to use this photo to symbolize acceptance toward everyone. I wanted to have a photo where our numbers were showing (for the most pat at least) because it shows that who we are as people whether it be ethnicity or race, doesn't matter. I used my baseball team to represent this because we are in a sense a family and we trust each other on the field and work really good together. I also wanted to address the issue of race in the U.S. because it is a big issue that I believe should be put to an end.
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