Virginia Jett: Portfolio ARCH 2700 structures

Project 1: Structural Equilibrium

For this project, the task was to have a cube or series of cubes to represent deadweight and support it/them by strings or cables (representing tension) as well as rods (representing compression) on a 1'x1' board. We were only allowed these elements; no glue was allowed. For this project, I worked alone.

Project 2: Structural Live Load Test

For this project the task was to create a 24"-27" horizontal structure out of basswood sticks that required grace, strength, efficiency, and performance. The structure was tested by suspending as many 3.5 lb weights as it could before it collapsed. Our structure held roughly 25 lbs. For this project I worked with two partners: Grayson Mosteller and Nathan Carlton.

Project 3: Design of Trusses

For our last project before the final, we had to design four trusses made out of basswood sticks or chipboard. Each truss had to satisfy a certain criteria. One had to be perfectly symmetrical, one had to have a variable pitch, one that was asymmetrical and one that was curved. I worked alone for this project.
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