Modern Physics The in-depth study of the universe and energy

Fundamental Forces- The four fundamental forces are Electromagnetism, Weak Interaction, Strong Interaction, and Gravity.

Quantum Mechanics- This is the branch of physics that has to do with things in the universe that are very small. It also describes the behavior of all the particles that make up the world

Unification is a goal where we can explain everything that has to do with the universe with one equation for all

String Theory proposed that the universe is actually made up of tiny one-dimensional strings rather than point like particles. They are believed to be 10^-33 Centimeters long if true. Its said that if an atom were enlarged to thew universe, the string would be the size of a tree

Einstein came up with the theory of General Relativity. Einstein described general relativity to be the warps and curves of the universe.There is a giant blanket in the universe and when a object rest on it the blanket conforms to its shape. The "steepness" of the dent int he blanket is attraction of gravity.


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