A Walk in Italy My photo trip to venice and the dolomite mountains

The Third Time’s a Charm!

I've been to Venice three times in my life. Once when my wife was still my girlfriend (27 years ago), again in 2008 with our two wonderful kids, and I got the chance to return in 2016 (just a few weeks ago) with my brother Jeff (who was with us in 2008 as well).

When I was there in 2008, my son and I got caught a terrible flu-bug right before we arrived in Venice, and we spent the first two days (of just three) there flat on our backs in bed, sick as anything, watching Italian TV and sneezing and coughing non-stop. My dreams of getting up early each day and shooting the dawn, and being in position for great sunsets was not to be, and I've wanted to go back ever since to actually feel like a got a chance to shoot in Venice, one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in the world.

A 10-minute, long exposure of the gondolas lined up at St. Mark's Square on the Grand Canal.

Leading a Walk in Venice

This year was my 9th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk, and after leading local walks in the Tampa Bay area for a few years, five years ago my wife suggested that we pick a city somewhere else in the world. I was all over that!

Since then I've been blessed to lead a local walk in Paris, London, Rome, Sydney, Australia, and now fulfilling that dream to return to shoot Venice. My wife Kalebra couldn't come (with our daughter just starting dance, and all her school responsibilities), so she suggested that I go with my brother Jeff, especially since I was going to really dig into the photography (and not just for vacation), so Jeffery went with me (and he's just a ton of fun to travel with).

Libreria Acqua Alta - considered by many to be one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, Of course, when gondolas glide by your back door, that kind of gives you an unfair advantage.
Taken from the back of a Venice water bus.

The Dolomite Mountains

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