Renaissance Man Week 2 By: chickenmcdeb, tyler, and mQ

This week, me and the boys accomplished very much. On Monday, I was sitting here in WEx with Michael. While Michael was thinking about Tyler, I was thinking about the food I was going to eat when I got home. Poof! Our creative piece was born. We gathered all of our necessary supplies for it and have a great plan on what our final product will be. Then, when Tyler decided to come back to school; the gang rejoiced in happiness and over the past two days, we have created detailed outlines for our individual blogs which has made it easier to write our final blog. We accomplished a lot more this week than the week before and we plan on increasing our amount of work each week. Sometimes we get unfocused but I solve our problems in a quick and easy manor. We have had a lot of fun together as we continue to embrace this path of happiness that we have come upon. We scored 30 more points on our MLA source check which is beyond great. "Talk about women during the Renaissance." Tyler said. We have been diligent and have supported each other when we are not violently slapping, hitting, or punching each other. We are looking forward to the ne... "We should look backwards" said Tyler. Cya in the dawg house. Xoxo the gang.


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