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Colony one

The Aboriginal people of Tasmania

65,000 years ago people first appeared in Australia. In Tasmania Glaciers were around when they arrived.They had no contact with the mainland for 10,000 and over that 10,000 years infectious diseases spread.This meant when the Europeans began arriving on Tasmania’s shores in the 1700’s the Aboriginal Tasmanians’ immune system had no resistance to even the most common European diseases. This lack of immunity had immediate and devastating effects on the Tasmanian Aboriginal population. If a figure of around 10,000 is accepted as the number of people in Tasmania immediately prior to European settlement, this number was reduced to less than 500 by the late 1820’s. Most of these deaths came through a combination of introduced diseases, violence and territorial dispossession.

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Tasmania's British Colony

The Colony of Tasmania was the name given to the colonial government in control of Tasmania from 1856 until federation in 1901. Prior to 1856 the Colony of Tasmania was known as the Colony of Van Diemens Land.

In 1856 Tasmania was awarded administrative independence from the colony of New South Wales, which was operating as a self-governing colony under the 1850 Australian Colonies Government Act, and therefore had a Council made up of some elected and some appointed members.

In 1856 the Colony of Van Diemens Land celebrated the granting of self-government and changed its name to the Colony of Tasmania. Under self-government two houses (an upper house and a lower house) of parliament were formed and the Governor of the colony was required to act on the advice of a Premier and ministers. Prior to this, power was centralised in the Governors and there were no elected lower house of parliament.

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Inquiry questions

1. Why did Tasmania not declare war on New South Wales when they separated from the New South Wales government ?

The answer is : They had little or no army forces at their command.

2. Why did the immune systems of the Aboriginals not manage to take in the diseases of the British people ?

Answer: They had been weakened by thousands of years of separation.

3. What happened to the glaciers that were around in the Tasmania plains at the time the Aboriginal people came ?

Answer : The Earth grew hotter and they melted and today are rivers in-land.

Timeline of important dates unknown-1975 (not in the Order of time ,rated by importance

A significant event in Tasmanian History

The Tasmanian Black Tuesday Bushfire

It was 1967 a fire epidemic had gripped Tasmania, it was burning into the worst Tasmania fire in history. In the lead up to 1966-1967 fire seasons. Tasmania had more vegetation growth than usual and the earliest spring in history.

Then it happened, the drought started it was the biggest since 1885. On the 7th of February 1967, 110 bushfires ignited in the south. It was mainly because of natural reasons. However there were a lot of arsonists that were blamed for it. Then one day it hit 39 degrees and in the following 24 hours it killed 62 people but injured 900.

This was a catastrophic event in Tasmania.

Colony Two

The Colony of Swan River

When the Swan River Colony was proclaimed before a small gathering of newly arrived settlers and officials on 18 June1829, it was the beginning of a first brave attempt to establish a settlement in Australia . It was to be a faltering start, for the land was not as stable or at least that year, the climate as benign as the settlers had been led to believe. Within three years some of the pioneers had given up and had returned to Britain of the eastern states. But others who were less fortunate ended up dead.

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The Aboriginal people of Australia

These are some of the Aboriginal Tribes in Western Australia

The Swan River Colony

Although Sydney was settled in 1788, the Swan River Colony was not established until 1829 by the British. The founding father of modern Western Australia was Captain James Stirling who, in 1827, explored the Swan River area in HMS "Success". Captain Charles Fremantle declared the Swan River Colony on 2 May 1829.

The "Success" was run aground and damaged in 1830 and repaired with jarrah felled from what is now Kings Park. Inspection of the ship revealed the jarrah repair had not deteriorated even though green wood was used. The Admiralty ordered a consignment of jarrah and so the demand for the timber began. Jarrah was originally called "Swan River mahogany" as it was a good substitute for the Central.

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Western Australian Timeline



Games de Sequeira is said to have mapped part of the north west but this is disputed.


First likely landing - Portuguese.


Pedro de Quiros coins the name 'Austrialia' and reported on 'Terra Australis'.


First documented landing by Europeans in Australia - Dutch, William Janszoon. (Duyfken)


Hendrik Brouwer pioneered a new route to the Dutch East Indies


Dirk Hartog makes the first confirmed landing on West Australian soil. (Eendracht)


Crew of Zeewolf first sights and records the North West Cape. Later that year the first landing is made there.


Houtman discovers the Abrolhos Islands.


The Leeuwin sails around the south west coast.

The Trial is wrecked.


Franz Thyssen charts part of the coastline. The land is named Nuytsland.


Batavia wrecked on the Abrolhos Islands.

Inquiry questions

1. Who was the first person to scout out a West Australia ?

Games de Sequeira is said to have mapped part of the north west but this is disputed.

2. What was the first drink that was sold in the colony ?

Beer was one of the very first drinks in the colony.

3. Who was the first person to think of creating the colony?

The Government of the British colony who decided it was the best place to send the colony.

The Future

I think that if we do colony Mars we should be friendly to all life forms and if they are not intelligent we should consider their rights higher than ours as we are trying to take over planet. But should we go I think that we should consider what went wrong with Earth why leave our home to invade a possible alien home. I think we should try to fix Earth make it non polluted, even if we die trying at least we made Earth better for future inhabitants.


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