How Can I Persuade My Parents? What way is the best way? How would I persuade them?

Have you ever wondered how you could persuade your parents? Have you ever thought, What way is the best way to persuade my parents? Is there a professional way? If you have, you’ve come to the right article. The logos ethos pathos method is a great way to persuade parents, and, frankly, anyone in your family.


The first thing you should do when you want an item is research. Ethos is all about finding out if the company is reliable, or trustworthy. You should be ready to answer questions about the item that you want. You’d never want to buy products from an untrustworthy place, would you? You should tell your parents that the company is trustworthy and show them specific evidence. This is where research is helpful. This means that you have to know the item like the back of your hand so you can prove that the item is well-made and will be beneficial to you as well as them.

Billy Bob is researching if Apple is a reliable company.


Tell your parents the benefits of what you want and why you deserve the item. According to an article in wikiHow, “How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You Something,” it states, “Tell your parents how it will achieve something beneficial. Frequently bring this point up in your conversations.” Also, tell your parents why you think you deserve the item. Another way to think about it is: tell your parents why the item is a good thing for you to own. If you tell them why you think you should have it you have a better chance of getting the item, and they feel that you are growing up which may make them emotionally inclined to get you the item.


Logos is the logic part of the persuasion. Make sure that you have a logical idea of how to stick to your end of a deal and also how parents can stick to their end of a deal.

Tell your parents you’ll do something for them in return if they buy you the item you want. Sign a contract so that they must stick to their end of the deal! It’s best to start with a low offer for what you'll do, for example, I’ll load the dishwasher for two weeks instead of I’ll load the dishwasher for two months. When you’re telling them what you’ll do for them, it’s best to know what your parents like. For example, if your mother likes gardening and she’s expecting a new order of mulch, tell her you’ll help her spread it for as long as she wants if she gets you the item you want. This means that both the parent and the kid gets what they want. Who wouldn’t want a win-win situation?

A contract is an easy and logical idea of how to stick to your agreements.

I hope you learned a lot from this piece about the Ethos Pathos Logos method. I hope you learned that research, sentimentality, and logic are three important factors in persuading someone. Now, you can use this method and try it out for yourself! Good luck with your persuasions!

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