Heroism By fiona okida

The direct translation of heroism is "great bravery". Yet, you don't need to be brave to be considered a hero. An action of heroism can vary from saving multiple people from a fire to giving a student a spare pencil before an important test. There are so many people who are recognized as heroes; George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi. There are also so many heros who aren't recognized. I always take the time to appreciate the little things that normal people do to make the world a better place, like picking up trash.

This video is actually an insurance commercial but it has a very good example of what I think of heroism. WARNING: YOU MAY CRY!

My hero is my mom because she is generous and kind to everyone. She encourages everyone to be who they want to be, no matter what it is. She inspires me through her optimism and musicality.

Top Photo) A collage of words that support the idea of Heroism. Bottom Left) My hero, Colleen Okida. Bottom Right) Quote by George F. Kennan which shows heroism more as will power to keep fighting for what's right than one simple act that saves lives.

This song is featured in a musical I am working on right now called Big Fish. In the song, a father is encouraging his son to be the "hero of his story". Which is a phrase meaning that you should take advantage of the opportunities to help people out. Lyrics like, "why go promenade when you were born to run" are saying that you shouldn't just settle for mediocre, shoot for the stars because the sky's the limit. Later in the story the moral of helping others to receive help in return is taught along with other helpful and inspirational lessons.

The companies above are theatre entertainment groups that my mom sometimes helps out with props, costumes, and most definitely music playing. She does it all for free and loves it, even if she spends hours at home practicing and putting together new arrangements of music, like she is doing right now as I type this. Music is her passion, she loves it, and she loves helping other people with their music. She shows her emotions through music. She is my hero because she inspires me to keep working hard. I know that if I stay dedicated and keep working towards what I love now then I will be content later in life. My mom is a true hero because the little things that she does makes a difference to the rest of the world. I appreciate every single hero in this world, that includes you dear reader, and your best friend and your dad and your mom and everyone in the world. Everyone is a hero, everyone does their share to help each other on this Earth. I respect that. I respect that one person who picks up trash, the person who takes charge of the situation, and I respect my mom, my one true hero.


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