Alden Ch.10 lesson 1 dictators

WW2 is about to happen. America is neutral. They lost almost everything in WW1. Adolf Hitler is now the dictator of Germany. Britain and France hoped that Germany would accept the Munich agreement. Then within six months Hitler broke the agreement. He also took over the rest of Czechoslovakia. Then after he invaded Czechoslovakia he stats to invade Poland. Then Germany keeps on destroying more and more nations. Hitler disliked all the Jews.


Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. He was the leader of National Soicalist German Workers Party otherwise called the Nazi party. He was the fourth of six children. He stayed in homeless shelters. When WW1 came he served as a soldier. That's how he rose up to power.

Benito Mussolini

Benito was dictator over Italy. He was the oldest of three children. His father was a blacksmith. He always disobeyed his parents and not dependable. He was expelled from many schools for bullying and defying school authority. Then he worked as a teacher and was a schoolmaster.

Francisco Franco

He was born in Spain. He was a military soldier and rose ranks until the 1930s. He took the Spain government during the Spanish civil war. He survived dictatorship camps which lead to death to some of the people working there. He died when the country was doing a democracy.

Joseph Stailin

He was a dictator over the Soviet Union. When he was little he had smallpox with scars of his face. Years later he was in a carriage accident which lead to a slightly deformed arm. He was cruel to whoever crossed him.

Hideki Tojo

He was a prime minister over Japan. He was a symbol over success. He made the final decision to lead the war against the US. He was not an absolute dictator like Hitler.

America was neutral and they didn't want to go to war but they had to.

We won the war and Germany has a big loss.

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