Making Bombs For Hitler Marsha ForChuck SkRypUch

The overall location in this book is in a work camp in Ukrain. I imagine that wherever the Ukrainian children are it is dark because the Germans don't want to waste resources on them. I imagine that the places where they have to eat and work are lit because the Germans want them to see what they are doing. I also imagine that she can see bugs on the straw bed and on her clothing.
Some specific locations are the train that the children had to ride in to get to the camps from their old homes. In the train the children aren't able to stand up and are always hungry and thirsty because they only get a small amount of food and water that they all have to share. Another specific location in this book is the cabin. The cabin has is not lit and has hard straw bunk beds with lice and other bugs on it.
This novel takes place during World War II when there are Germans, Soviets, and Americans fighting. Because there is a constant sound of bombing on the soviet camps by the Americans it makes me feel like curious to see if the bombs might hit the German work camps and if any of the children are going to get killed. I imagine that there are other children working on tasks instead of having factories because the Germans don't have factories making the supplies that they need.
There isn't much rain or thunder outside the train or work camp. Also the only beds that they have are straw and the walls are bitter and plain. In addition it is a flat terrain because there isn't any bumps in while they are in the train or any escalations.
It is crowded because there are a lot of children in one cabin and they have to lay on straw bunk beds. This makes me feel like it is hot inside of the rooms because there are is no air condition and the body heat from the children probably heats up the environment. I imagine that there are many kids eating in the cafeteria because the Germans need a lot of kids to make a lot of bombs.
Lida has to wear another persons clothing because after she takes a shower at the end of her haircut she doesn't find her clothing that she had left. She also has to wear someone else's shoes because the shoes that she had left had also been taken. The clothing that she has to wear is a thin dress which isn't very good because, she won't have much protection.
The mood in this book is sad because all of the children are young and have been taken away from their family and often cry. An example of this is when the children talk about their previous lives some of the children pause and their voices get filled with emotion. Some children talk about how they don't have anyone left in their family and they are alone now and start to cry.
The setting contributes to what is happening so far because the children don't know where they are and what happened to their family. Also since they are in war they don't have much supplies which means the prisoners are fed small portions and don't get much to drink. Also the children don't have control on their lives because they are treated as half humans unlike the Germans.


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