Meet Vagaband. There's a reason we do what we do. Travel is part of who we are... and a lifetime's experiences of the road less-travelled are what inspired the spirit of Vagaband.

Eddie, Renata & Walker

A mother, her son and his best friend gathered around a kitchen table in West London and got to work in 2014. After securing a patent, running a successful Kickstarter and winning a couple of industry awards they decided it was time to go big. The dream was to use Vagaband to foster a community that cares: creating an international tribe of itchy-footed world wanderers who watch each other's backs while they see the world...

We're travellers - all our lives we've been inspired by the camaraderie and mutual love shared by the travel community. Something about straying from the beaten track brings out the best in people, and we're on a mission to encourage that openness and kindness that makes adventure such a beautiful thing.

"I got my first backpack when I was five years old. They call it “world-schooling” now, but there wasn’t a word for it back then. My mother, Renata, took my brother and I to see the world before we started prep school.

As a family we ventured to far flung places, and I fell in love with that feeling of not always knowing what’s around the corner.

The world is full of extraordinary beauty, but it’s not without risks. Mum used to carry a small, waterproof card with her, and on that card she’d write all of our names, and where we were staying.

Eventually my brother and I got old enough to travel alone, and Mum wanted us - and our friends - to take something with us like that waterproof card. Something we couldn’t lose. Something that would never get stolen. Something that would put us all at ease when we were thousands of miles apart.

That thing was the very first Vagaband.

Having been diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 16, I wasn't sure I'd ever again be able to fully relax while travelling - Vagaband changed that.

I spent years exploring the world with a Vagaband on my wrist, amazed that something so simple could potentially save my life.

Together with my best friend (and fellow travel fanatic), I joined Mum in turning our kitchen table into the Vagaband headquarters. We patented our idea, and with the help of thousands of people on Kickstarter, raised nearly £25,000 to fulfil our dream of bringing these lifesaving wristbands to the world.

Vagabands are now trusted by tens of thousands of people around the world. The team, the mission and the kitchen table are all the same, but Vagaband has just kept on growing...

Every day we’re looking for new and exciting ways to bring the Vagaband Way of Travel to the world and encourage young people to be independent, empowered and compassionate whilst they explore

I still love that feeling of going into the unknown; seeing and doing things I never thought possible. Now, as we explore the vast potential of Vagaband to make travelling safer and simpler, I get to connect with and inspire a new intrepid generation.

Oh, and I’ve still got that backpack!" - Walker

Thank you for being a part of our adventure!

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