Chyna Whyne has recorded and toured with some of the best of the best .......

Chyna has an amazing voice
Chyna Whyne sang on my Grammy Award Winning Album
...she is amazing such a voice and great to work with
I am a fan of Chyna that's why I asked her to support me on my Kiss of the Rose European Tour

Fashion Model


Having recorded and internationally toured with the greats, such as Bob Dylan, Seal, Peter Gabriel, The Who and more. Chyna has sang on Grammy Award Wining songs like, ‘Sledge Hammer’ ‘ Never Gonna Give You up’ Rick Ashley, ‘Road Block’ ‘ Father’s Eye’ Eric Clapton and many more hits. Whilst touring, Chyna was familiar with the pressures of looking glamorous at ALL times. Constantly wearing stilettos during performances caused chronic lower back pain, and having completed a year-long world tour with Eric Clapton, she found she could no longer wear her heels. Fortunately, she came across the Alexander Technique, and noticed an immediate improvement, which was all the more surprising as previous chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy efforts had all failed to deliver long-term results.

Recognising the potential to help herself and other women, Chyna studied the Alexander Technique in depth for three years and saw the benefits it offered for successfully wearing high heels for long periods of time. Now, as a fully accredited teacher of the world-renowned technique, and known as the “High Heels Guru,” Chyna has been featured on GMTV and Britain’s Next Top Model, and in print within The Telegraph, Daily Express, Glamour, Red and the Daily Mail, regularly sharing her insights. She has gone on to teach thousands of women worldwide. As the proud author of Master the Art of Wearing High Heels, Chyna is changing lives for the better and training her very own Chyna Dolls—an army of women keen to impart her successful techniques to others across the globe.

Gorgeous, aspirational, inspirational, and kind are just some of the words that describe High Heels Guru Chyna Whyne, who is currently taking women to a higher level with her Walking in Stilettos programme.


Using the healing benefits of the Alexander Technique, Chyna is celebrated for giving women confidence in their high heels while saving them from the trauma of long-term back pain.

Chyna Whyne’s holistic approach to her lifestyle has led her to also become a Kemetic Yoga teacher, having been trained by Yirser Ra Hotep Lawrence in Jamaica in 2016. Chyna’s multi-dimensional lifestyle helps to empower all who attend her yoga classes and retreats, Walking in Stilettos classes and workshops, Alexander lessons and music concerts. Chyna is truly a dynamic artist with a difference.


“I chose to expand on all the creative aspects of myself to not only heal my life but to help heal the lives of others.’’Chyna Whyne lives in Jamaica. She has written an uplifting and inspiring album, recorded and produced by the Grammy Award-winning producer Barry O’hare, who has produced exclusive artists such as Beres Hammond, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Freddie McGregor, to name but a few.’

''A great reggae album which shows Chyna’s love and versatility as a true undiluted talented artist..’’ BARRY O’HARE

The authentic reggae sound of Chyna Whyne’s album, which is entitled Melanin and consists of eleven soul-fulfilling songs, was written by Chyna Whyne and recorded at World-a-Muzic in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This album is said to be one of the most “refreshing” albums to be released out of Jamaica for years.

‘’ from the first day she stepped in the studio her energy was overflowing. Such a soulful singer, very professional focused and experienced and yet such a sweet caring human’’ BARRY O’HARE

The first single release from the album is “Melanin,” and it is available on all download sites. The official single release date is 4th November 2017. The OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE April 2018. Visit www.chynawhyne.com for a preview.


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