Digital Strategy Review Meeting


  1. Introductions
  2. Purpose of the meeting
  3. Middleware -Overlay solutions and software review
  4. Possible Provider Solutions
  5. Some Site Audit Findings
  6. Optimising your Lumesse Application
  7. The best solution is:

Additional content

  1. Candidate Experience
  2. Our Current Work with Santander
  3. AMS Development Capability
  4. Logical solution
  5. Fast track changes and hosting
  6. Next Steps

Meeting Purpose

Overlay Solutions Software

AKA - Middleware.

These products can help drive a more consumer like candidate experience

These are just some of the providers in the market offering enhance candidate experience and careers site solutions. Each offering a varying range of enhanced search, apply and social recruiting solutions and price points.

Additional Notes

Some clients choose to deploy overlay solutions or more basic middleware to help deliver an enhanced careers site solution. This can range from job search and content capability, through to talent community management, social marketing and a fully enhanced apply solution. All come with additional costs to site hosting and development work.

Improved search capability

  • Better corporate branding options and landing pages
  • Easier, more user friendly job search functionality and job list look and feel when compared to standard ATS job search pages
  • Possibility to improve the application process, for systems not offering mobile optimisation

Social content management solutions

  • The ability to drive content out to groups of individuals regarding open roles and the company
  • Social media campaign management and basic email campaigns
  • Basic candidate tagging and grouping capabilities for targeted communications and campaigns

Considerations for Santander

Much of the social/email campaign for top talent is handled through the Avature solution already. Social solutions generally require headcount to manage them, so would require detailed scope before being implemented. This would need moderators and people to continuously update the social messaging to keep it fresh and avoid it going stale. This can be aligned with the brand ambassadors and the content team to maintain the same messaging across the entire Digital Landscape.

Consideration for Santander

Lumesse offers a branded mobile responsive application process which would allow a user friendly transition from clicking apply to entering the application process.

Possible Provider Solutions

See more here information here

One end-to-end enterprise platform — less integrations, less headaches

Ascendify's Recruitment Marketing Platform

Transforms how your team attracts and engages talent by combining employer branding, nurturing campaigns, career websites, candidate relationship management (CRM), talent communities, employee referrals, campus events and diversity initiatives into one unified solution. The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) to modernize your team's collaboration without changing your core workflows.

  • Centralise recruitment marketing
  • Build employer brand
  • Develop talent pipelines
  • Improve candidate experience
  • Reduce advertising spend
  • Drive team collaboration
  • Better, data-driven decisions
  • Mobile experiences for everyone
  • Less integration headaches
  • Enterprise peace of mind

See more here

ATS Integration

Jibe’s ATS integration unlocks data that has been trapped in your ATS and makes it extensible. You can distribute jobs from your ATS to job boards, surface job data to create dynamic SEO-friendly landing pages with targeted content, and more.

Unlock Job Data from your ATS

Jibe’s ATS integration unlocks data that has been trapped in your ATS and makes it extensible. You can distribute jobs from your ATS to job boards, surface job data to create dynamic SEO-friendly landing pages with targeted content, and more.

Optimize with Recruiting Analytics

Jibe’s analytics dashboards aggregate and visualize recruiting data from your career site, your ATS, and other recruitment marketing tools. You have visibility into source tracking, application funnel statistics, and the hiring funnel, allowing you to continuously monitor your KPIs and improve candidate experience.

Some Site Audit Findings

ATS integration…

I would suggest that the standard entry level approach is to take a feed of jobs and to build a bespoke jobs search experience which is optimised to the requirements.

This can include a radius based search and map searching. This can also include mapping of job title descriptions. As part of the solution scoping we would define the required functionality and ensure that the ATS provider can provide the correct level of data in a feed.

If we want to improve the application process within the site, we would suggest a discovery phase that would evaluate what middleware providers exist that provide this functionality, to review whether they are compatible with your ATS and that they can be easily integrated into your website. We could be review all costs to offer an evaluation on what is the best approach.

Other Solutions

Solutions that integrate directly with ATS In-order to provide jobs searches in the careers site are as follows. These have all been handled by designing a bespoke search experience based upon the needs of the target user audience and the distribution of the jobs being searched. None of these solutions use any specific middleware software.

John Lewis (This has a powerful radius based search - The jobs feed comes from WCN)

RBS (This takes a simple feed of jobs from GTI, and displays them in both a location search, and in context with the editorial content)

Optimising your Lumesse Application

Mobile optimise your solution

Lumesse offers a responsive design that allows candidates to complete their application on any device.

  • One page apply
  • Apply with LinkedIn and other professional networks
  • Document upload from a mobile device

Considerations to moving to the one page apply are really how many questions are absolutely required during the application process in order to get candidates through the initial screening stages. The more fields and questions you have, the less appealing one page apply becomes.

The one page apply can be branded for Santander, and allow you to retain some flexibility to make application changes (e.g. add fields and values) without having to update the website as well (if you’ve opted to take the candidate experience out of the ATS).

The best solution is:

One team that can deliver end to end concept to delivery and beyond, however, this is not always possible. Having multiple agency involvement adds to the complexities of the solution, however, this can be overcome by having a robust discovery phase and having the recruitment partner being the pivot that manages the relationships and deliverables.

  • Synergy across the entire roadmap and the technology can be purely bespoke to fit the requirements
  • Streamlined teams that work together to build the solution with roadmap and client strategy in mind
  • Complete synergy with concept to delivery
  • Control and management of change or additional requirements
  • Analytics can be built in to give holistic insights using real data that drive logical recommendations for enhancements

Alternatively, if there was an appetite to utilise the already existing tech, the whole process could be managed by the consulting partner / resourcing specialist.

Candidate Experience

Mobile First

Mobile is not just aimed at the younger audience anymore. With the introduction of the smart device, our consumption behaviour changed. We ALL want mobile, on the fly, when it suits us.

With focusing on a great mobile first journey, we can target and attract candidates on any device, for any audience at any time.

Offline - Online

Most of what we do now is in digital format. We buy products on line, we search spellings online, we look for lost friends online and, more importantly, we apply for careers and opportunities online.

With this in mind, we need to be focused on building digital solutions that are engaging, changeable and immersive.

But lets not forget about Print, using products like Augmented Reality we can bring print to life whilst making it trackable. With a digital overlay you can still use more traditional methods of attraction, but with the added bonus of being able to collect real data


In 2018 78% of online content will be Video! This means that the end user will consume as much information in a 2 minute video as they do in a 20 page case study.

With the introduction of twitter, human behaviour has changed and less is more. Initially users were mortified with the 140 character limit. Now they switch off with anything that is more.

We have capabilities to turn most text heavy content into small bitesize animated video.

Talent Collective

Through consultation, audit and understanding of the strategic goal, we can ensure that the right solution is put in place.

Our Current Work with Santander

Consult, Design, Deliver, Test, Iterate, Innovate

We are working on a number of initiatives and projects throughout Santanders landscape.

  1. Cultural Fit Quiz
  2. Online Personalised Careers Brochure
  3. Design of an Avature landing page
  4. Continued enhancement of the careers site.
  5. We are also producing video content for SOVA and we are working on how we can further develop the SOVA platform to improve candidate experience and engagement.

The most recent project was the EIC site, whilst this started life as a truly innovative, immersive, engaging experience concept for the younger audience. There have been some complexities with the build that has resulted in it falling short of the original vision. However, the site is miles apart form the original offering. With the right approach, this can be turned into a truly innovative experience that really demonstrates Santander's appetite for thinking differently.

AMS Development Capability

Thought Leaders

At Alexander Mann Solutions we use our expertise, experience and creative forward thinking to offer our clients a bespoke solution that is scalable, enhance-able and relevant to their needs.

We don't just follow a set of requirements, we monitor and consult on the best possible solutions that fit right into their business ethos and strategic goals. We then refine along the way to ensure delivery of the solution that works.

Our Digital Team

Our in-house digital team covers the complete range of skills required to concept and build innovative solutions both large and small.

Our experienced technicians are adverse with finding the most appropriate approach to deliver these solutions to time and budget constraints.

The Right Tech for the Job

We are always keen to take advantage of latest technologies. We have a strong internal R&D stream, which allows our digital teams to experiment and suggest robust and innovative new technology when it becomes available.

We also understand our clients need for backwards compatibility for supporting older browsers, ensuring that the digital solution has the widest audience reach.

Expertise and Specialism

We have cross functional teams that work together to ensure we cover all aspect of the solution.

  1. Branding
  2. Art direction
  3. Solution and information architecture and systems integration
  4. Creative design
  5. User experience
  6. Software development
  7. Video production
  8. Digital marketing strategies
  9. Project Management

Logical solution

Delivery Value Chain - Brief - Design - Build - Test - Iterate

Digital Audit

Run an audit on the current digital landscape to give insights into enhancements and initiatives

The Right Skills to Deliver

Seek and deploy the right providers to deliver the innovation and strategic goal

Vision v Execution

Deliver and execute the vision as initially set out, but with the flexibility of change

Scalable - Iterative - Enhanceable

Drive innovation through well thought out concepts. Iterative approach to enable flexibility

Data Driven insights

Using embedded analytics platforms, we can use real data to give us the insights that we need to make educated recommendations.

One Brief - One Goal - One Team

Designers, developers, testers and PM’s all work together collaboratively

Fast track changes and hosting

Whilst the best solution would be to have the same organisation handle your end to end solution, there would be some considerations needed when it comes to hosting. Experience would dictate that its not always great to have organisations that specialise in maintenance and hosting to do your innovation thought pieces and vice versa

As part of the discovery phases this would be mapped out and considerations of the best solution put forward. AMS do have hosing capabilities and if the organisations own the code base and the content as well as the hosting, then the updates can be executed fairly rapidly.

AMS Hosting Capabilities

  • Endava has test QA, and live environments.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Very scaleable and powerful servers
  • Load balanced solutions for reliability
  • Strict security and deployment processes

Next Steps

Discovery Phase

As your talent acquisition consultants, we want to ensure that you get the right solutions that fit. We can help build your strategic goal and delivery roadmap in full collaboration with you. Not only the right solution, but the right provider and architects.

This helps retain the company ethos and drivers as well as being able to be reactive to change and proactive to planning.

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