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Slogan: Come to the Southern and never be starved.

These are the Southern Colonies.

Reason for Founding

The reason for the founding of the Southern Colonies is to make money and for religious reasons.



The southern colonies are great for growing crops. All year it is mostly hot. The Winters have a mild climate and the Summer has a hot climate. The soil is also very rich, which combined with the heat and some water is great for crops. The Southerns natural resources indigo, wheat, rice, cotton, and tobacco.


There were a lot of ways to make money in the Southern Colonies. You could own a plantation and grow wheat, indigo, rice, cotton, and tobacco. You could also be an iron maker, a ship builder, being a merchant and selling different objects, slave trading, and being a lumberer. Trading with Indians is also a way to make money.

Crops in the Southern Colonies







Jamestown was the first successful settlement in the new world. They were led by a man named John Smith, who made a no work, no eat policy. It was founded in 1607. After the founding of the land, they named the colony Virginia, in honor of Queen Elizabeth because she was a virgin.

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