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James Nachtwey is a retired war photographer who has captured some of the most iconic and enduring photos in the modern age. His career has captured political uprisings, famines, wars, and his most iconic 9/11 photos.
He specializes in black & white, emotionally powerful photos. He has been to over 30 countries, including extensive time in Iraq.
He primarily worked on contracts with Time Magazine. This photo was taken after the battle of Grozny during the Chechnya War.
Became inspired from the brutality from the photos from the Vietnam War. He became self-taught, and traveled to places of war and social upheaval
This photo shows a survivor of the Hutu Death Camps in the 1990's. He captured the barbarism of the Rwandan Genocide.
He was in New York City during 9/11 and captured many of the iconic photos we see today
His work in Iraq and Afghanistan earned him several awards
He has had many close calls, including in Iraq where he was wounded by a grenade.
His photos of 9/11 have been shown many times all over the world.
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II Digital Camera (A highly durable camera, able to hold many more photos than the average camera.)
Canon EOS-1V camera (Durable, able to shoot on the fly with a very fast auto-focus)
Canon EF 17-35mm Lens (His Primary Lens, Rugged, easy to manipulate)
He has experienced two decades of the worst in humanity.

His pictures express a kind of stillness in a world full of chaos and war. The photos show the atrocities that humans have committed and are a reminder of our evil.

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Collin Dang

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