Simon Bolivar grace smith

Early Life
  • born to a wealthy family
  • parents died
  • uncles sent him to military school - age 14
  • learned liberty, enlightenment, and freedom
  • learned to love military
  • began "admirable campaign"
  • freedom fighter for Spanish colonies in U.S.
  • excellent leader known as "liberator"
  • set up Latin American colonies in U.S.
  • broke Mexico away from Spain - 1821
  • took Peru back from Spain
  • president in Gran Colombia - 1819-1830
Inspirations & Ideas
  • role models - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson
  • anti-slavery
  • American Revolutionary War


Created with images by David Berkowitz - "Simon Bolivar statue - Bolivar Square - La Candelaria - Bogota, Colombia" • ETJ|Photography - "Simon-Bolivar" • anyulled - "Simon bolivar" • Jo Naylor - "simon bolivar statue 2.jpg" • Jo Naylor - "simon bolivar statue inscription.jpg"

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