In Search of a Few Good People InterACTION - September 2019

By InterAct Staff

For decades the U.S. Marines used a recruitment slogan,

"The Marines are looking for a few good men.”

They wanted passionate, sacrificial and skilled people to join their ranks. Each individual that joined the team served in a unique role that contributed to a central goal.

In fulfilling the goal to make disciples of the least-reached people in Canada, Alaska and Siberia, InterAct Ministries is looking for a few good men and women. The U.S. office staff is balancing multiple roles and services that are critical to our missionaries’ success.

The establishment of mission organizations was borne out of the need to provide local church-sent missionaries with an infrastructure that focused solely on the success of front-line ministry. In September 1951, a group of independent missionaries agreed to form what is now InterAct Ministries. Utilizing the various skills of the members to create central resources, village missionaries were freed to focus on their calling. Early InterAct missionaries Lloyd and Ruth Dean were gratefully surprised to experience the blessing of going home and reporting to their supporters for the first time in fourteen years because the organization arranged for someone to take their place. The intent of office staff has never veered from the values of that historic commitment to champion the ministry of field workers.

Since its inception, InterAct Ministries has continued with a vision of making disciples who make disciples among least-reached peoples. This publication, InterACTION, generally highlights the stories of field missionaries and the people groups they serve. Yet, staff serving from our offices are integral participants in God’s redemption stories on the fields.

The communications team works part-time but serves with whole hearts. Erin writes and Bryan handles layout for publications. Both have graciously added additional responsibilities that lighten the load.

The June 2018 InterACTION reported the need for new bunk beds at Midway Bible Camp in Manitoba, Canada. To the credit of the communications team in the U.S. office, the goal of $26,000 was quickly met. Last summer forty-five additional children attended camp and heard how they could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Midway Campers

The U.S. office recently received a letter of encouragement from a long-time supporter of InterAct Ministries. The handwritten letter stated,

In 1 Samuel 30:24, King David says, ‘The share of the one who goes into battle is the same as the share of the one who remains with the supplies.’ You at the offices are the ones who remain with the supplies.”
Staff not only serve the missionaries in practical ways but promote the vision as prayer partners. Updates of each family are rotated through and brought to the Lord in regular prayer meetings.

“Remaining with the supplies” for InterAct staff may include sending tax receipts to donors so the missionary has time to sit with a grieving family sharing the hope of the gospel. It may involve leaving the Canada office for a last-minute drive to the border to help with immigration paperwork for short-term workers, reinforcing missionaries at a Bible camp. A church planter doesn’t need to stay informed on the latest financial regulations for non-profits but can instead use his time discipling a new convert. Financial staff in the offices are handling those details behind-the-scenes. Mike Hubbard, U.S. finance director, emphasizes, “Integrity and financial accountability are of utmost importance—we ensure that funds are handled with care, giving honor to Christ and his church.”

Mike joined the InterAct Ministries' office in June, filling the critical role of finance director.
If you are a U.S. donor, Diane knows your name from her receipting work and she assists office staff with a servant's heart.
Though his primary role is human resources, Jerry has picked up many of the miscellaneous tasks ranging from gardener to IT assistance.

The U.S. office recently lost staff who were critical to services that affect the entire organization. Their transition to new ministries has left a significant hole in our support framework. The small team of devoted staff has stepped up to absorb additional work for now. In spite of this serious need, Executive Director, Dale Smith clarifies,

“There is no sense of desperation as God always provides what is needed to fulfill his calling. We are praying, communicating the need and waiting on God for his provision. God’s gift of resources is also his way of showing us his priorities. We are waiting expectantly for his answers.”
The U.S. office team is pulling together to keep services going. Can you see yourself or someone you know as part of this group?
In addition to the routine office tasks, the guest house was built and lovingly furnished to offer rest and refreshment to missionaries. Upkeep and scheduling are some of the details that are managed to bless our missionary families.

Staff in these offices are most certainly missionaries whose arms of service reach the nations with the hope of Jesus Christ. The unseen and frequently unrecognized aid of office workers is a lifeline to staff ministering on our fields.

Therefore, we are presently recruiting a few good men and women who are passionate about missions and skilled to serve.

Ways you can respond

Consider a calling yourself, to remain with the supplies in a support role so another can serve.

Share this opportunity with someone who might be a good candidate.

Inform a missionary returning home who might consider serving with InterAct Ministries.

Pray with us for God to provide people who desire to serve in support ministries.

Pray for those balancing extra responsibilities until help arrives.

For more information about the needs in the U.S. or Canada offices:

email: info@InterActMinistries.org

call: 503.668.5571, ext. 113 (Jerry)

Dale's Reflections

Dale Smith, Executive Director

My heart went out to an overseas missionary administrator as he recounted hearing these hurtful words in a supporting church, “Oh, you aren’t a real missionary. You work in an office.” Despite carrying his family to the other side of the world to selflessly serve in a third world country, his crucial role was written off as nothing but a job.

Until we are without the critical roles filled by an office team it is easy to overlook the importance they play. Missionaries are essential if we are to reach the world with the gospel. Missionary office workers are indispensable if we are to find, deploy and sustain the more exciting frontline cross-cultural roles.

InterAct has no desire to build our kingdom but we do yearn to build his kingdom. Our heart has always been to bring the gospel to least-reached people in difficult places. To do that, we need willing servants to join our office teams in the U.S. and Canada. We need people with skills and passion in:

  • Recruting
  • Fundraising / Donor Care
  • Communications
  • Office Administration

Has God wired you to be part of his solution for an InterAct support role? Or do you know someone who has recently returned from the field and is looking for a new opportunity? Have you taken early retirement so you can contribute with the skills you have honed? If so, we would welcome a conversation! You may be the answer to the prayers of many.

"Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many.

2 Corinthians 1:11b NIV

InterACTION is a monthly publication of InterAct Ministries


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