Monkey Island by Usman Asghar

for H.K.


Heavy rain glows up by striking lightnings. The boat is shaking with the winds. The sea is stormy. A young girl tries to take back control over her boat, but with every wave the storm gets stronger, with every hit the boat gets closer to keel over. You are trying to get the water out of your boat, but the waves shake you from one side to another. Suddenly a big wave hits your boat and it starts sinking. You are struggling to stay up in the stormy waters, but the strong wind and heavy rain followed by massive waves push you down. Darkness cloaks the sky, interrupted by lightning and thunder. Deep down your heart you call for the One to help you. The waves push you down again. You won’t stop fighting and breach the water surface. Lightning strikes again, followed by a deafening sound of thunder. Just when all your hope seems to fade away, another boat fighting the storm. A young man sees you struggling in the water and starts heading into your direction. Then, I lose you from my sight. It’s dark. The storm gets stronger, the rains heavier and the strokes of lightning increase their frequency. They help me to find you and finally I make it to you with my boat. I try to get you on my boat. Suddenly another big wave hits the boat and we fall into the open water. We try to stay together, but the heavy rains and huge waves tear us apart, hammer us down and we lose our consciousness.

Love is an ocean. You fall in and you'll drown. The one who drowns comes across.


You wake up. The sky is blue. It’s sunny. Warm. You have sand on your face. You pull yourself together, sit up and find yourself on a beach. The palm trees are swishing with the wind breezes. You are very exhausted. Then you stand up and start looking around. Suddenly you remember the storm and your struggling in the water. You are still very frightened about what happened. Then you see the wide open ocean. So calm. When the sea can become calm, so can you. You take a deep breath and realize that you are on some kind of an island. Looking around you notice a bag floating on the water. You swim out to get it. Back at the beach you open it and you find:

  • A camera
  • Spare batteries
  • A pullover
  • A gun
  • Some photograph

You take a closer look at the photographs, they show me eating a banana. Then you remember me and how I tried to rescue you. You look around in hope of finding me somewhere. Nothing. You are getting really thirsty! All the salty water you swallowed in the storm, made you really dehydrated. You close the backpack and start moving towards the jungle to find a place with drinkable water. The jungle is very dense and noisy, but you manage to make you way through it. After a while you arrive at a lagoon. You knee down to check the water. It’s sweet. Your thirst makes it sweeter than honey. You start drinking. You feel the refreshing cold water going down throat. With every gulp you thank God. Refilling yourself with water and new hope, you look around and realize how beautiful the place just is. You are amazed by the beauty of the untouched nature. The sun is setting, it’s getting colder but the light is just perfect. You take out the camera and wear the pullover from the backpack. Then you start taking photographs.


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