SWEAT YOUR ASSETS "Budgets are tight so make your investments work harder for the business"

Save up to 70% on your hardware support costs

With the pandemic affecting 95% of UK businesses now is the time to sweat the business assets you already have in place while you look at how to adopt future cloud technologies.

Unless all of the equipment within your business is mission critical, it is likely you don’t need to have same-day service for parts replacement for some of your equipment. We can match SLA's to your requirements from a 4 hour fix to next business day.

Mismatching SLAs to the equipment’s needs is a common way to overspend on your hardware support. Service-level disparities on your equipment may be caused by a provider requiring the same SLA for all equipment in your environment, or may be another result of poor asset management and incomplete decommissioning of equipment.

Extending the life of your hardware is easy to achieve with our help


24/7 365 UK Support helpdesk

Guaranteed fix maintenance SLA's

Inventory management

End of life hardware support

Up to 70% discount over direct vendor support

Enterprise storage support including NetApp, EMC & IBM

Relax we have it covered


Reduced operating costs

Improved service & support levels

Time to evaluate the next step

Piece of mind that it is covered

Focus on business challenges rather than support issues

24/7 4 hour fix server support FROM £65 per year
Providing our customers quality and cost effective hardware support enables them to address short term financial challenges while planning for the future

John Delamore, Services Director, Simoda Limited

Simoda digital transformation solutions, trusted advisors & opex specialists

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