Good Life Tour of The Harn By:Zackery Stelmashenko


As I entered the outside of the Harn it was a beautiful day out and I looked forward to venturing into a gallery in which I had not seen before. I was accompanied by two friends on this day who helped me photograph my journey.

Outside of The Harn

Medium/Technique of the Art

The medium of art that most spoke to me was this wooden sword. Looking at the details carved in and recognizing all the hard work and focus to even the smallest things was incredible. The piece communicated to me both about the artist and the society in which the piece came from. I grew a deeper appreciation for carving through this piece. The art made me feel amazed as I could not fathom the skill necessary to make such a piece.

Me with the Wooden Sword

Design of the Museum

This particular design of the museum stuck out to me the second I entered the exhibit. As I walked in to this portion of the museum the figure in the middle stood perfectly in visual lining in between the masks on the wall behind me. The vibrant colors contrasted off of the blue walls to give it an aesthetically pleasing feel. There was ample space between the figure and the masks on the wall which added a layer of depth to the room. I can easily say this was my favorite location in the museum.

The figure above sits centrally between the masks on the wall

Art and Core Values

This work of art was very soothing to me. I as an individual tend to get anxious at times and when looking at this image of two individuals represented by simple geometric shapes for some reason speaks to me. It speaks to me that when I get anxious or overwhelmed that things are much simpler than they appear to be. This helps me better understand that although our lives seem complex things are often much simpler and hidden in plain sight.

The geometric simplistic approach appealed to my core values

Art and The Good Life

The first piece of art I saw when I walked through the Harn immediately spoke to my Good Life. My entire life I have been raised a Gator by my alumni father. Coming to school here was a right of passage. This piece envokes the emodying the Good Life to me. It helps me understand embodying in the figurative sense that I am an alligator swimming through life at the moment. The piece is a metaphor to my life and embodying the Good Life

Me with the art that spoke to my Good Life

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