mifflin gibbs 1823-1915

1823 April 17th philedalphia Pennsylvania Mifflin Gibbs was born

Around 1843 he became an activist in the abolition movement. He shared platforms with Fredrick Douglass.

1850 he migrated to San Francisco California. He started of as a bootblack then became a successful merchant. He was the founder of a news paper called mirror of times

In 1858-1865 he moved to Victoria which is now British Columbia. He was part of a migration of black men and women seeking quality under the British flag. Mifflin also got married to Maria Alexander.

1866-1867 Mifflin Gibbs was elected to the Victoria city council becoming the second black to ever be elected in Canada.

In 1869 to 1897 Mifflin Gibbs moved back to united states and divorced to his wife Maria Alexander. He built British Columbia's first rail road and he helped to put together the very fist all black unit known as the African rifles. he helped frame by which British Columbia entered Canadian confederation. Gibbs studied law in Oberlin Ohio. he toured the reconstruction south and then settled in little rock Arkansas then became the first black municipal judge to be elected. At the age of 74 Republican President William McKinley named Gibbs u.s. after Mifflin Gibbs in 1897.

in 1901 Gibbs decided to resigned after 4 years at the age of 78 because of health reasons. he published an autobiography in 1902. then later in 1915 July 11 he died in little rock at the age of 92.

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