Body Image Bootcamp: RETREAT 2020 with Elizabeth Zimmerman of Torrid Boudoir

My name is Elizabeth Zimmerman and I am a body image activist, boudoir specialist and facilitator of Body Image Bootcamp.

As a body image activist, it is my job to help as many people as possible improve their lives and their self-love relationships.

The intent of Body Image Bootcamp is to explore your body image, educate you on why we believe the bullshit we do, and empower you to take control of your thought processes, thus enabling you to move forward and work toward more important things!

What is body image bootcamp?

Our bodies are literally born to die. When we put so much worth into what they look like — what happens to us when our bodies start to age? To break down?

Society has taught every single human being that they are not worthy and that there is always something that needs to be fixed. Body Image Bootcamp is there to provide tools for women to start changing their mindset.

I have been through the bootcamp myself and am now a trained facilitator. This is possible because of my mentor, & the creator of The Body Image Bootcamp, Teri Hofford.

Body image gets in the way of women accomplishing amazing things, and I truly think once we get past it, we will have so much more energy for the important things in this one life we are given.

I want to ask the questions to get you thinking about why you think the way you do about your body.

Body Image Bootcamp is a course designed to kick start women's journeys to self love and acceptance.

When & WHERE?

The Body Image Bootcamp: RETREAT 2020 will be held on Thursday, 19th at 5pm through Sunday, November 22nd at 10am.

This will be an all-inclusive weekend, complete with an on-site cook & coordinator. We will be spending the weekend in a recently renovated Victorian-Style home in Pflugerville, Texas, with an open floor plan & ample space for everyone.

With it's quaint & cozy charm, it promises a relaxing & comfortable space for us to work through our bootcamp material, as well as bond & make new lifelong friendships.

What is included?

In addition to the actual bootcamp course work, each attendee will receive a swag bag including a hardcover journal to be used throughout the course. Craft supplies will be provided, but the attendees are welcome to bring their own if they'd like as well (i.e., stickers, pens, etc...). ($349 value)

Lodging & food will be provided: breakfast, lunch & dinner, as well as snacks throughout the day.

In addition, each bootcamp attendee will enjoy a mini RAW photoshoot with Elizabeth on site and will be given 3 digital images from their shoot. ($949 value) RAW stands for Real Authentic Woman.

The details


$950, if PAID IN FULL

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION: $1,100 - monthly payments


Pflugerville, TX (exact address given upon reserving your seat)


Thursday, 19th at 5pm through Sunday, November 22nd at 10am


512-577-7936 | hello@torridboudoir.com
Created By
Elizabeth Zimmerman


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