Sutton Hoo Joseph Gardner

Yesterday, one of the most important historical discoveries was made on a farm in Suffolk. Edith Pretty, the landowner, had hired Basil Brown (archaeologist) to dig up some strange mounds that were on her land. When her arrived, he dug up some of the smaller mounds first and did not really find that much. However, he finally got round to digging up the mound that was the length of 15 grown men. It was under this mound that he found a longboat filled to the brim with money, weapons and jewellery made of gold and precious stones. All of the finds are very delicate.

Basil Brown commented "I found an Anglo Saxon helmet. The Anglo Saxons had to wear them to protect themselves in a fierce battle. It is very rare to find a Anglo Saxon helmet because it was a thousand years ago. I am happy to be here to witness this history."

This treasure is very special; it is golden and nothing like it has been seen before. The belt buckle is one of the most important treasures in Anglo Saxon times, ornately carved by the creator hundreds of years ago.

Edith Pretty has stated that she will give the treasures to the British Museum rather than sell them to collectors. This is because she wants the finds to be kept together and for others to learn from them.

She has declined the offer of a CBE from Winston Churchill for her donation.

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