ACTIVE ADVENTURES Top Albertan Experiences for a Mind-Body Rush

Not only do outdoor activities improve life satisfaction, they’re also a fantastic boost for your brain, and a whole lotta fun! The Canadian Rockies is the perfect destination for your next outdoors-fix, with a variety of unique experiences to discover, and mountain views that will take your breath away.

From adrenaline-charged physical challenges and brain-teasing mystery adventures, to mindful moments in nature, here are 4 must-try active adventures for your next mind-body rush.


Novelty-seekers and curious minds, this one’s for you! What happens when you combine the fun of a scavenger hunt, the challenge of an escape room, and the competition of an Amazing Race? You get Mystery Towns! It’s a unique clue-solving adventure, transforming cities such as Canmore and Calgary, AB, and Victoria, BC, into real-life puzzle boards, where you are the game piece. Instantly accessible via clues to your smartphone, it’s an exciting challenge for even the most creative minds.

Rachel of Canmore says: “What an amazing experience! It was a good way to learn more of the town I have lived in for almost 20 years. I saw a lot of things that I have never noticed before. The detail within the clues were really well thought out, and I loved that businesses within the community were involved. Great fun, and good exercise on a beautiful day.”

Just like an escape room, you’re cracking clues to solve a mystery. But instead of being stuck inside a locked room, you’re solving riddles leading you around the city – indoors and outdoors. Not only does it challenge your brain, it keeps you moving, as you walk or bike to a new location to solve each clue, covering up to 6km (depending on your choice of adventure), walking or biking between locations. Part of the fun are the ‘hidden gem places and obscure attractions you stumble upon along the way. Each adventure is unique to each city, and Banff, Edmonton and Vancouver editions are also coming soon.


Get ready to breathe in the fresh air, feel the energising power of nature and connect with the natural beauty of the world around you. Specialising in professionally guided hikes, backpacking, camping, snowshoeing, ski touring expeditions, Get Outside Adventures are your guiding gurus for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the Rockies.

Helen says: “I have done a lot of tripping and have never encountered such amazing guides. Jenna and JF were smart, supportive, highly experienced. They both get 10/10!”

Try something new with the 2-day Women's Intro Backpacking Trip, be the creator of your own adventure with a Custom Day Trip, enjoy the Rockies’ premiere backpacking experience with a 5-day Rockwall Backpacking Trip, howl at the moon during a Full Moon Hike, become a camping pro with a 3-day Women’s Next Step Trip, or learn to manage niggling aches and pains and stay injury-free with the Wellness Hiking Series.

Jenna Nodding is the owner-operator of Get Outside Adventures, and only is she an ACMG-certified hiking guide and practicing physiotherapist, she has spent 300+ nights sleeping in the backcountry, so you know she’s a real-deal expert. Highlights of Jenna’s outdoor adventures in Canada include paddling Bowron Lakes and thru-hiking The West Coast Trail in British Columbia, hiking Akshayuk Pass in Nunavut, and biking from Kingston, Ontario, to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. In the US, she’s hiked the Escalante Route in Grand Canyon, Arizona, thru-hiked the 3,500km Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and in Nepal she’s completed the Manaslu Trek.


For an unforgettable mind-body rush, head underground! Year-round, rain or shine, Canmore Cave Tours offer one of the Bow Valley’s top-rated experiences on TripAdvisor: natural history tours inside Rat's Nest Cave. Located under Grotto Mountain near Banff and Canmore, this cave brings your senses to life within mere moments.

Brad from Seattle says: “Fantastic, unique experience. Did this with my wife and two of my children. Lots of good physical activity. Challenges you, climbing up and down narrow holes and openings. You also learn about the history of the cave. We all loved it. Highlight of our Banff trip.”

Crawling, squeezing, wiggling and climbing into the depths below, you’ll discover an amazing hidden world of fossils, stalagmites, stalactites, animal bones and more. Led by highly experienced cave guides, you’ll learn about the rich history of the cave, including how animals and humans have used and adapted to its unique environment. Tip: for maximum thrills, be sure to try the Challenge Squeezes on your tour, and stay tuned for amazing unEarthed events inside the cave, featuring music concerts, Halloween movies, meditation sessions, and more.


Not only is camping a great way to get active in nature, it’s an opportunity disconnect from technology and boost your wellbeing, including your sleep. Nestled amongst some of the most iconic scenery in Canada, the Rockies are a dream location to pitch your tent. Whether you’re a backcountry pro or a first-time camper, you’ll find a variety of memorable campsites here, including Lake Louise, Two Jack Main and Castle Mountain campgrounds in Banff National Park, or the Canyon Campground, Boulton Creek and Elkwood Campgrounds in picturesque Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kananaskis.

Thomas from The Netherlands says: “Rent-a-Tent Canada provides excellent tents and equipment at a very reasonable price. It offered us much more flexibility than the RV that we had also considered. We even camped backcountry in Wells Gray with all our stuff in a canoe. The staff also had great suggestions for hikes and campgrounds.”

For maximum fun and minimum hassle during your camping trip, leave the gear and equipment to the experts at Rent-A-Tent Canada. As local camping enthusiasts themselves, the team have expertly designed the best rental packages to make your adventure unforgettable. Plus, they love sharing local-favourite recommendations! Tip: Book your campsite as far in advance as possible. Reserve your site with Parks Canada for Banff National Park, or Alberta Parks for Kananaskis Country.


Embark on horseback with Boundary Ranch to explore scenic backcountry trails with captivating mountain views, float in style with Bow Valley SUP stand-up paddleboard lessons, or make an adrenaline-charged splash with Mukwah Rafting Tours on the Red Deer River.


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