CUP Fellowship creativity, community, & cultural engagement

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Our Why?

Each person not only "is" but also has a unique gift along with an amazing capacity to make a meaningful contribution to the world
Often however, a person's or community's creativity is stifled due to financial, psychological, economic, social, and cultural reasons, to name a few
CUP is founded upon the understanding that a person's gifts and calling are irrevocable--"not able to be changed, reversed, or recovered; final."
We also believe that a person's gifts or unique "wiring" is intended not purely for one's self consumption, but is something that needs to be shared, refined, and enhanced in the context of community with others.

...but how?

Therefore, CUP fellowship aspires to be that place where people from all walks of life can discover their unique gifts and calling, refine and mature in their creative abilities and capacities, and are offered unique opportunities to put their gifts to good use for the benefit of others.

CUP Fellowships are value-centred creative spaces, the times and places when a group of people commit to meeting one another, share their art-in-progress, learn from one another, and prayerfully engage the Word of God in order to mature in their gifts and calling and thereby to join God in God's creative mission in the world with and for the sake of others.

All people are creative irrespective of gender, caste, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national identity, or intellectual ability.
All people are creative--equally, in the image of the Creator.
Creativity is more than a psychometric evaluation of human potential; it is more than innovation, coming up with new ideas or solutions. It's not "icing on the cake."
To be creative is, in essence, to be human.
The birthplace for creativity is community.
No diversity, no creativity. No creativity, no community.


what to expect...

Grow in your self-understanding and practice of what it means to be truly creative
Identify your Creator-inspired gifts
Connect with creative peers and patrons
Share your art in progress with others in a safe environment
Learn valuable lessons from one another--failures, frustrations, successes
Join a "community on mission" project team and avail the opportunity to use your unique gifts to make a creative difference in the world


STARTING 2021 we begin to meet online via ZOOM once a month to grow, connect, and learn with others how to be a better creative. Details to follow soon!

Community Of Practice

The Order of Bezalel

The Order of Bezalel is a global "band of creatives," a community of artisans called and committed to use their gifts in the good work of building up the body of Christ, maturing in their creative abilities, intelligence, knowledge, and "all craftsmanship," and joining God in God's creative purpose wherever they are placed .

Past Projects and Events

CREATIVITY =/= (is not equal to) ART