Kumano - 熊野 Wonderful Japan

Kumano is one of the hearts of Japanese Shinto. I was a little confused, because I couldn't find a place which calls Kumano. I learned Kumano isn't something like a prefecture. It's some region which covers parts of some Japanese prefectures (Wakayama / Mie / Nara).

In Kumano there are several nice places to see and wonderful shrine to visit, but the most wonderful thing is to do some pilgrim and spent time surrounded by wonderful nature and the spirit of Shinto.

Unfortunately I haven't had enough time to enjoy more than just one of the pilgrim tracks. But just this one track was like magic and I went deep in the spirit which surrounded me.

After I recovered my heart and my spirit, my body needed some recovering as well and I was so lucky to visit one of the oldest Onsen (Yunomine Onsen) in Japan.

I believed my experience and impressions can't get better, but when we reached Nachi Falls I learned I could explore a other treasure of Japan.

Before I sow the Nachi Falls I enjoyed the hike in it's surrounding and the wonderful tracks made the experience so exciting for me.

Nachi Falls is one of the most well known waterfall in Japan and with it's drop of 133 meter the highest in the country. But this place isn't just a waterfall, it's in the believe of Shinto a very holy place and so visitors should be aware of this.

Kumano Nachi Taisha

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