The lord's wrath moses prays for the people

The Lord's wrath rains down onto the israelites, sending fiery desert serpents, many are dying. There is hope from the bronze snake that Moses had made. Israelite Mary has stated: ''My father was near death, a snake bit him on his ankle, and I brought him to the bronze snake, He was healed right away. Praise the lord!!''

Many rejoice from the healing bronze snake, though many have doubts.

Farmer Joe has doubted the snake, stating, ''How can a snake statue possibly work?? It has no powers from the lord. looking at it would be a waste of time, and would bring pain to those who had loved ones killed by the snakes!''

''I shall bite you!! As God commands!!!'' States a fire snake.

We have uncovered that the Israelites have been grumbling about food, testing the lord when he provides bread, and water! Many are suffering, family members mourn their deceased relatives, and the snakes are still slithering around every corner! When will the lord have mercy??

Many are rejoicing as the fiery serpents slither away silently as Moses prays for the people. ''The snakes are gone!!'' cry the people, as the Lord has lifted his wrath away from the people.


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