Football senior night

SHS played against Columbus North on September 4 and lost 35-28.

During senior night seniorĀ Harrison Evans waves to the student section. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Walking with his parents during the senior walk seniorĀ Turk Faitele has a bunch of candies around his neck. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Junior wide receiver Kaden Davis attempts to get position on his opponent to block for his teammate who is running with the ball behind him. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Defensive lineman senior A.J. Helton stays hydrated and prepares to go into the game. Photo by Grace Elder
Carrying the football sophomore tight end Brandon Riddle attempts to run around his opponent. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Junior defensive Lineman Zachary Riddle attempting to get around opponents. Photo by Grace Elder
Senior Madison Baker cheers during a timeout before halftime. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Drum major Julia Dye conducting the marching band during halftime. Photo by Grace Elder
Playing a Queen song sophomore Katie Osborne watches the conductor while playing the clarinet. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Senior wide receiver Carson Moore holds out his hand while looking at the coach for the play to be called. Photo by Kelsey Jones
In the air senior touchback Antonio Fisher catches the football for a touchdown. After a penalty flag was thrown the touchdown was incomplete. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Fisher (left) is getting hugged by Moore after Fisher scores a touchdown. Photo by Kelsey Jones
After catching a second touchdown Fisher hands back the football to the referee. This touchdown was also incomplete. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Looking out into the stands quarterback senior Zachary Shepherd holds up his arms to indicate his touchdown. Photo by Kelsey Jones