Journey Log 2 my experience with raid one

Jared Gentry- Jay Gent

section 037

Journey Log 2


This week in class, we were assigned to write a literacy narrative, a piece in which we analyzed a specific moment in gaming in which we failed to recognize the importance of literacy. we had 750-1000 words to write about whatever we want as long as it involved literacy and gaming. Chris advised that we not start the paper until the night before to make it as realistic as possible and to prevent overthinking. As someone who always takes long to write, I thought this man was crazy for telling me to start the night before. I had always started papers at least a few days before and always took an extremely long amount of time to finish them, even if they were under a thousand words. I still listened to Chris, however, and this task turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. I knew i had no time to waste with writing this narrative, and got straight to telling my story. No planning, no overthinking, no corrections. Everything i typed down still remained in the final draft. I have never written a paper this quick and without hesitation but surprisingly found this to be one of my better pieces. This week gave me a whole lot more confidence with my writing abilities and allowed me to conquer my difficulties of overthinking when writing and being stuck for hours on what to write. This paper has me very excited for our upcoming assignments and activities. Week 2 of this class, like week 1, did not fail to impress me again.

bard creative piece

I woke up excited for english week 2,

until I realized we had a paper to do

he said we must write a story, also called narrative,

all about gaming and how literacy is imperative

All the games i play i just shoot and I stab

how could COD get more deeper than that?

But i continued and let my thoughts flow

and realized we use literacy way more than i had ever known.


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