Maintaining Privacy Digital Footprint

What is privacy?

It is being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. People need privacy because there are things that they don't want other people knowing about them. Many problems are caused by people invading privacy. It is very important in life and making accounts private protects information that you don't want anyone knowing.

Why do we need privacy?

Many bad things can happen when things you don't want anyone knowing go out into the social world. We need it especially when making social media accounts. ALWAYS make sure your account is private unless you know what you're doing because you don't know what kinds of people are out there. I recommend to only allow people you know to follow you. People get personal information taken away everyday. They get their identities stolen or someone somehow figures out their bank account and steals money. Things get crazier each day.

Private Accounts

If you're going to make an account that isn't private, be sure to not post private information like your current location or what you're doing at that exact time. There are very crazy people out there that can find you or go to your house when you're out of town. There are people who pretend to be someone they're not and other people fall for it. It's not a good idea for kids to have social media accounts especially at a very young age.

Be Careful with what you Post!

If anyone can see what you post then you should be careful and be smart. For example don't go posting pictures of you drinking or partying where there is drinking because when you're looking for a job, they look into your social media. If they see what types of things you're doing, you more than likely won't get the job. Simple accounts and stupid pictures can really affect your future. Also do not post information like your address or even your full name depending on what social media account it is. One thing that is very important is to not post revealing photos or sending them to anyone because everyone will end up seeing them.


When making passwords, it's a good idea to use something that no one would normally guess. Also if you have more than one social media account or any account at all, don't use the same password for each because if someone finds out the password, they'll know how to get into every other account. I recommend using both letters and numbers because it makes it stronger and make it long so there's less of a chance of anyone knowing it.

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