human genetics disorder project joshua opferbeck,

these are some of the effects of parkinsons

the Parkinson's disease is a serious problem for some people. It could make them lose their ability to do some of the things they enjoy most. If you are athletic you wont be able to do some of the things you like to play because Parkinson's can slow you down. If you like to draw and have a steady hand you could be affected by Parkinson's and not have a steady hand anymore. If you get Parkinson's disease then you could also have emotional issues. These things happen because there is a specific chemical in the brain and when you get Parkinson's disease then the nerve cells that make the chemical starts to break down. And when they start to break down and the chemicals aren't moving so well then you could get tremors , be unbalanced, slow movement, and stiff mussel's. And those are just the main ones think of all the other things that could happen if you got Parkinson's disease. There are no ways to treat Parkinson's because there is no way you could stop nerve cells from degenerating, but there are methods to helping suppress the effects of Parkinson's. You could be able to take medicine to try and help make chemicals move with more ease, you could do some home treatment and all you would have to do is eat heather foods encase you are not that kind of person, You could do surgery but if you do that it would be a deep brain stimulation but it could have horrible side effects. There are tons of more different things that you could do to try to fix it but none of the treatments are forever lasting. It is most likely that if you have or get parkinson's disease it is also common for you to get depressions too. And if you get parkinson's disease and then get depression then you could get treatment for the depression at least.

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